onsdag 5 november 2014

Nanowrimo Day 4-5!

I have written 14 pages in like 4 days. Great!  
Still don´t know how the winners do it! 
Do they ever work? Or are they like really super fast typers? 
How can like write that 1,667 words per day?
I´m struggling. realizng I should have been more prepared. 
From now on I will alzay do double summary outlines, like a Beginning Middle End summary & a Chapter by chapter summary so I don´t get stuck so a just can keep writing. 

My Novel in writing this year is called SOUTHERN STAR. I can also say they soundtrack for it are growing. 

Must.Keep. Writing....It´s very obsessive.  

I are you doing this year in Nanowrimo. Are you on schedule or falling behind? 

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