torsdag 29 januari 2015

A picture says more than thousands words...

So I was seeking inspiration at my favorite source of inspiration and tips, WRITEWORLD .
So I thought, hey why don´t I try taking one o them inspiring pics and see what I can write. So I thought I wold give that a try.

Source WRITERWORLD & Importat message! Can anyone tell me who the artist are so I can make a link /source to he/she. All credits goes to this artist. I only use this as writing inspiration. 

"To save the princess and all of the kingdom he searched worlds end to protect all the rare roses from dying of cold. The Evil Witch had cast her masterplan as she did everything her power to rule it, one evil step at the time. Could a simple Knight of Arrowshield safe the princess before it´s all to late? "

onsdag 28 januari 2015

Surfing Cowboy!

Howdy Ya´ll

Saw I video on facebook some day ago and found this cool awesome video. 
And just like that I got an idea for my Young Adult novel Surfing Cowboys.

And this one is truly defining the meaning behind my choice of my title for my novel. 
As Surfing behind a horse on a water filled meadow really is Surfing VS Cowboy life.