tisdag 16 juni 2015

Treadmill Writing!

Here are one of those Treadmills I found on a page. This his how the one more expensive ones looks like I think.  

I just have to say I absolute love this invention. I have now browsed around the net and read about it and that celebrities like Victoria Beckham and some fellow romance writers have them. I also want to share some pictures on haw it can look like.

It so cool you get you writing done and exercise! So love it!
I also found a site there someone had build like a special "desk" to have over the treadmill.
I seriously considering doing like a "Treadmill desk" I have all I need. A desk you can raise and lower depending if you want to sit or stand up for a while. I also have a pink treadmill.

So how about the pictures.

THIS IS A BORROWED PIC - from romance author Nancy Herkness  only for inspiration. Love this  DIY treadmill idea. If this is not allowed pleas tell me. So inspiring and cool. 
THIS IS A BORROWED PIC from author Jeffe Kennedy . Awesome So inspiring and cool.  

Just felt I wanted to share this awesome idea. I try to make sure my version of a wrtitng treadmill will come true soon. I promise to show you a picture and what I thought about it and all them updates. Can´t wait for it. 

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