fredag 4 november 2016

Nanowrimo day 4th.

👍📝Still going on strong and getting to My writing goals. 👍📝 i hope i'll write more so i'll be good for a while.  
Yesterday and today mostly. 

onsdag 2 november 2016

fredag 28 oktober 2016

Book cover look a like 👍

So I was browsing all the inspiring book covers I have. Happend to stumble over one that looked like me but with shorter hair and with out glasses. 
Feels like inspiration and a sign to me since I write romance novels and all. 👍

tisdag 6 september 2016

Mapping out to the end!

It's done! I have finished mapping out Surfing Cowboys chapter by chapter scenes synopsi. Around 12 chapters. Only a few more polishing things left. Now after about ten years I can finally write the second half of the novel❤️🎉👍📝. 
I have about a ten pages synopsi summary. 

Now I don't have to suffer writers block now I just have to keep the writing up and don't look back until the Finnish line. I'm so happy!!!!🎉🍾
Good night. 

söndag 3 april 2016

Beginnings, middles & ends


After being so absorbed with my work SOUTHERN STAR I have had some rest. I have been staying at a friends house and we had some fun shopping and watching movies.

I am terrible with planing my novels. In the beginning it all good but then around the middle everything just stops so I never gets to the end.

But the other day I figure out an awesome thing. I just sat for a while and thought about all my scenes that i knew of and shortly wrote them down on a paper. The at the side i wrote B,M or E which in that way i can simply the see where the scene belongs and then I´ll have to organized it more but it´s been working for me but I am not finished yet.

just thought of it it would be even better to use post its but I really don´t have the place to have postis all over my wallpapers but it would make it even easier.

torsdag 31 mars 2016

Kreativt fyrverkeri!


Så kan man beskriva min skriv process nu. Nått litet ord en sång eller bara en bild och det blir fler och fler lertrådar till min bok Southern Star jag nördat ner mig i de senaste dagarna fast jag skulle skrivit på SURFING COWBOYS. Gjort research om giftiga blommor och kvinnliga stalkers. Kan säga den informationen är inte nära nog. Får improvisera lite

Känner mig mycket kreativ!! 

Så vad har jag gjort på mina lediga dagar? Läst på om blommor. Giftiga och ofarliga. Vilken skickar man till ens fiender och vilka ger man till sin förälskelse? vad betyder färger och bloomor ensama och i bukett. Väldigt interessant allt jag läst. 

Den lilla whiteboarden är full av inspiration och ännu fler frågetecken efter att jag läst genom gamla anteckningar. 

Vill skriva allt och lite till nu!! Kan någon skriva åt mig? Men måste organisera ihop allt först. Men ca 22 sidor är väl inte dåligt plus ny fräsch början på det första kapitlet. 
Mitt "kontor igår". kan ju inte sitta för ryggen domnar av, tror jag har klämt en nerv i ryggen så ja måste stå hela tiden. :(

tisdag 29 mars 2016

When a story writes itselfs...

Just writing or rewriting chapter one on my novel SOUTHERN STAR and this song tells all about the life of a person with a special bond to my Harla.

torsdag 17 mars 2016

Inspiration hit me like a wave🌊

Just this gave me a new fresh star to my novel first chapter start with a bang! Inspiration. And and some stalker feelings to it. 

söndag 13 mars 2016

Writing problem #163

Not finding the information you need while researching!

So i'm doing some research for my novel Titled SOUTHERN STAR. Right now i'm reading about stalkers especially female stalkers but its very hard to find exact info. But I have found some and and its only brings me more inspiration for my bad guy maybe.... but its a long time from finished but the info i get is very interesting....

My feeling right now! haha!

tisdag 19 januari 2016

❤️Writing inspiration & treadmill desk ❤️

Here are some pics of my creative space of my homemade DIY desk treadmill ❤️

My projects neatly labeled up. 

This is so helpful to have when I organized up my novels,and it was fun making to. 👍

I also want to share another piece of my inspiration corner if I want to share. If I want change for I while. I'll just go to my beach themed kitchen. I just love it❤️ When I was done I just thought this is a great spot to write my novel Surfing Cowboys on.