söndag 3 april 2016

Beginnings, middles & ends


After being so absorbed with my work SOUTHERN STAR I have had some rest. I have been staying at a friends house and we had some fun shopping and watching movies.

I am terrible with planing my novels. In the beginning it all good but then around the middle everything just stops so I never gets to the end.

But the other day I figure out an awesome thing. I just sat for a while and thought about all my scenes that i knew of and shortly wrote them down on a paper. The at the side i wrote B,M or E which in that way i can simply the see where the scene belongs and then I´ll have to organized it more but it´s been working for me but I am not finished yet.

just thought of it it would be even better to use post its but I really don´t have the place to have postis all over my wallpapers but it would make it even easier.

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